International Day of Yoga at the SDM Dental College Campus

SDM University celebrated International Day of Yoga at the SDM Dental College Campus. More than 400 Students, Faculty and Staff members participated in the Yoga Day celebration. Dr. Niranjan Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Smt. Padmalatha Niranjan, Executive Director and other dignitaries inaugurated the Yoga day by lighting the lamp. Registrar – Dr. Chidendra M Shettar, Dr. Anand Tavargeri, Vice Principal, Dr. Satish Patil, Yoga Researcher, SDM Medical College,Heads of all constituent institutions were present during the function.

Dr. Satish Patil, Prof. of Physiology, Yoga Researcher, told that the theme of this year Yoga Day is “Yoga for Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” and gave a talk on “Benefits of Yoga” –

  • Yoga is an art and science of healthy living that helps to achieve a harmony between our mind, body and soul.
  • Yoga is a way of life. ‘Yog’ means union or connection. Yoga helps in connecting the thoughts of mind with your own physical body, people and environment.
  • Yoga helps to create a good relationship and a beautiful world by connecting each other, making one world-one family, a Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam.
  • Yoga practice reduces stress, and keeps us physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.
  • In India, the first Yoga and Naturopathy College was started in 1989 by SDM Educational Society by Shri Poojya Veerendra Hegde.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Niranjan Kumar, Vice Chancellor told that:

  • Yoga is a Science; yoga is also an Art
  • Yoga is originated from India and our Hon’ble Prime Minister spread the International Day of Yoga universally
  • We all should practice Yoga for the better health and mental peace
  • Yoga unites every one and balances the body and mind

The Yoga and Naturopathy expert doctors headed by Dr Mallikarjungouda and 20 others from Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Ujire gave the yoga demonstration and performed an unique Yoga Pyramid.
Dr. Niranjan Kumar and Smt. Padmalatha Niranjan distributed the mementos for the Yoga Trainers. Dr. Anand Tavargeri, Vice Principal, SDM Dental College welcomed the guests and yoga participants. Dr. Ananya Venkatesh invoked the almighty blessings. Dr. Megha Mary introduced the Guest of Honor and conducted the program. Dr. Vijay Trasad proposed the vote of thanks.


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