Student Health Brochure

Student Health Services

Mission Statement

Student health services endeavours to support the students physical and emotional health and well-being during their pursuit of education. Students are nurtured by teaching self-care concepts and encouraging safe and thoughtful health practices.


Students Health Centre is located in the Department of General Medicine.

Hours of Operation

The Students Health Centre is open for routine medical care during the college working hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays (9:00 am to 01:00 pm on Saturdays). After-hours medical care will be available at the Craniofacial Surgery and Research Centre and SDM Medical College & Hospital.

Clinical Services

The Student Health Centre provides out-patient primary care in a confidential setting. The Centre is designed to provide continuous management of both long-term and short-term medical problems as well as preventive medical care.

Special Services

Physical examinations, immunizations for travel, laboratory tests, confidential HIV testing, diagnosis, dermatology, consultations and referrals are provided.

SDM Health Card

Free/subsidised consultation, examination, investigation and treatment are also available for students at our sister-concern medical institution, under the SDM Health Care system. The comprehensive health benefit card provides subsidized rates for the students as follows:

Out Patient Services

  • 100% concession – Registration, consultation and examination
  • 60% concession – All specific investigations, including gynaecology investigations
  • 50% concession – Physiotherapy treatment recommended by clinical department(s) in SDM

In-patient Services

  • 100% concession – Admission fee, consultation, operation procedures, ICU charges, nursing services, physiotherapy treatment
  • 25% concession – CT scan, MRI, dialysis and dental procedures


All services provided by the Student Health Centre are strictly confidential. Information is not released to parents without written permission, unless the student is in critical condition or there is a threat to self or others.

Health Promotion

Health promotion and education services are available for all students. Services include educational materials, health consulting visits, nutrition consultations, special events, outreach presentations, patient education and referrals.

Class Excuses

Written excuses or a sick list for class absence due to minor illnesses will not be provided by the Student Health Centre. You should make individual arrangements with your teachers when absent from classes. If you cannot contact them, you can send an email. If you see a physician and miss a class, you should get a written excuse from the doctor. When a serious illness occurs and hospitalisation is required, you should produce necessary medical leave of absence documentation for consideration of attendance.

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