Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

The Department of Orthodontics is situated in the top left wing of the dental school on the Second floor with a Clinical Section, Seminar Room, Laboratory, Computer Section, Photography, Records Room, Post Graduate Students’ room and Offices for the faculty. The Department is well equipped with 30 Dental chairs units and has all the laboratory equipments and materials required for various purposes such as Vacuum Molding Unit, Archmate, Electropolishing device, Hydrosolder, Light curing Units, Welders etc.

The department is the first in the country to have a formal lingual orthodontic training as a part of the postgraduate curriculum. Each Post-Graduate has to compulsorily treat a minimum of 2 lingual orthodontic cases.

Dr.Anand K.Patil, Prof & Head

Head of Department

Dr.Anand K.Patil has been working in the present institute from over past 12 years. He is a recipient of best research and clinical paper awards at the National & state level. He has been awarded MorthRCSEdin from HongKong center.


UG Curriculum

  • The undergraduate training programme commences in the third year with lectures and clinical exercises and continues to the final year first term for a total duration of 18 months.
  • During their one month clinical posting in each academic year, students have the opportunity of taking the history, examining the patient, and arriving at a diagnosis of common oral diseases with the aid of radiographs and other investigations, thereby planning suitable treatment for the patient.

Postgraduate Curriculum

  • The Post Graduate training programme is of three years duration beginning with Under graduate clinical work. Following this, the students are trained in taking a detailed case history and performing a thorough examination and evaluation of the patient, not only of the oro-facial region, but also of the entire body to ascertain the systemic health of the patient.
  • When required, referrals to various specialists are made and the diagnosis and treatment plan is established after finally advising necessary investigations. Finally non-surgical treatment and regular follow-up of patients with various oral lesion is done.
  • Regular seminars and Journal club reviews are an essential part of the training programme.
  • The trainees are encouraged to attend National Specialty conferences in Oral Medicine and Radiology and present papers. They are also trained in medical subjects such as General medicine, Dermatology, E.N.T, General radiology and Oncology.
  • Additionally, the P.G students are required to prepare a dissertation as a part of their curriculum.

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