Research / Introduction


The SDM Institutional Research committee was formulated in May 2009 with the prime intention of promoting research acumen amongst our undergraduate students. The goal of the Institutional Research committee is to promote community oriented research. Also this sets a platform for the undergraduate students to think and introduce newer techniques to serve the community.

The Research committee outlines a protocol for undertaking study projects in the institute. The research committee executes the undergraduate research through two research coordinators in each department under the guidance of the Head of the department. The coordinators work with a team of volunteered students.dable because faculty-supervised undergraduate or postgraduate dental students provide treatment. SDM has the following types of dental clinics.

The work is carried out in a stipulated period of time (three months). The approved study reports are encouraged to be presented in the undergraduate and speciality conferences appropriately.

SDM IRB logo* was designed depicting the theme and Investigate to innovate*

  • EYE is symbol of Vision-in the search of Truth, towards enlightenment on the path of knowledge.
  • TOOTH is symbolic of Dentistry-our field of research.
  • The HOUR GLASS is representative of TIME.
  • Colour significance: The colour black represents the darkness surrounding the truth and the white represents the light-knowledge.


The community oriented research of excellence is an integral part of the schools overall vision. The school strives to develop, advance and disseminate knowledge of oral health to benefit not only the profession but also the society it serves.
The mission of the research team is to undertake research in areas of basic, clinical and public oral health needs. The school endeavors to be a leader among dental institutions across the country for the purpose of sharing ideas and initiatives concerning dental education and oral health care. The school is dedicated to undertake meaningful research with due ethical considerations.

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