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The S.D.M. College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad, founded in the year 1986 is a self financing, non profitable organization with a vision of excellence in knowledge, skills and service. The SDMCDS is situated at Sattur between Hubli & Dharwad, in the northern tip of Karnataka, with a population of more than a million is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka after Bangalore and is known as a cultural and educational center. Dharwad is well connected by rail, road and air from cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi etc and enjoys excellent climate all through the year.


Learner-centred education, patient-centred service and community-oriented research of excellence.


  • Contribute professionally competent general and speciality personnel to meet regional, national and global oral health care needs.
  • Foster strong community relationships through research, services and linkages.
  • Provide an efficient, effective and community-acceptable system that excels in education and service.
  • Inculcate values in learners to be socially and professionally acceptable

The Institution, Mission and Goals are realised by a sustained effort to train competent general dentists by accomplishing the following objective

  • Providing a current and relevant curriculum that embodies the acquisition and integration of knowledge and skills, social awareness, critical thinking, a commitment to service learning and an appreciation for continuous learning.
  • Provide adequate clinical experience that offers wide access to consultative, comprehensive and emergency oral health care.
  • Offer infrastructural facilities, technological and material support, and an environment conducive for exchange of knowledge and ideas.
  • Attract and retain faculty and staff committed to the mission of the college by providing them with the necessary resources, opportunities and support to stimulate their professional and personal development.

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  • Undertake basic, clinical and translational research which has a direct as well as contributory effect on the oral health and social needs of the community in the region and beyond.
  • Develop and implement sound marketing and communication strategies that promote the mission of the institution.
  • Serve as a professional resource for private practitioners and a referral centre for patients with complex conditions and treatment needs.
  • Access and maintain financial resources sufficient to support institutional excellence and innovation at all levels.

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Dr. Balaram Naik has been associated with the department since 2002. He is Professor and Head of the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. He has the credit of having produced many Post Graduate students who have been serving in well-established institutions in India..

Dr. Balaram Naik


Vice Principals

Dr. Venkatesh Naikmasur

Vice Principal (Administration)

Dr. Lekha K

Vice Principal (Academics)


The Institution is committed to conduct high quality dental education programs both at the undergraduate and post – graduate levels. The School’s academic environment fosters the acquisition of knowledge in the basic, behavioral, and clinical sciences. Independent thinking and life-long learning are encouraged through various programs and interactive sessions.


The faculty and students generate new knowledge in the basic, applied, and clinical sciences, with an emphasis on the promotion of oral health and function. The acquired knowledge is disseminated through presentations at general dental & specialty conferences, workshops, seminars and publications in both national and international level

Patient Care

The Hospital provides high quality comprehensive, primary and specialized oral health care to individuals of all socioeconomic and cultural groups in and beyond this region. Patient care enhances the educational programs and supports the scientific and clinical research efforts of the college.


The School seeks to inform the public about the prevention and treatment of oral diseases through camps and dental health awareness programs. It provides continuing education programs for dental and other health professionals in a variety of settings. Faculties also serve in professional organizations.

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