Financial Aid

Student’s Financial Aid Advisory

Undergraduate students have access to loans, reimbursement and financial aid from the following sources:


  • All nationalized banks in the country provide student education loans at a nominal interest rate; the loan is to be repaid in installments over a period of 5 to 10 years after graduation.
  • The State Government has a policy of providing education loans for students from minority communities.


  • The State Government compensates tuition fees and sustenance allowances for students of SC/ST categories.
  • The State Government reimburses tuition fee of students whose parents are employed as schoolteachers in the state (from the Teachers Development Fund).

Financial Aid

  • The institution  provides fee concession to the children of staff working in any of the institutions administered by the S.D.M. Educational Society  for Management category seat –
  • The Jindal Trust, a charitable trust in Bangalore, provides financial assistance to economically backward students.

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