Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

In September 2005, the institution constituted the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). The IQAC originally comprised of five committees, each for Academics, Patient Care, Infrastructure, Learning Resources, and Sports and Cultural/Student Affairs. The research component was part of the Academic Committee previously, but a separate Research Committee was added in June 2009.

Each Committee is chaired by the Head of Institution (Principal) and convened by senior faculty members. Committees include other dental faculty, members from the institution and management, non-teaching staff and administrative officers from within and outside the institution, nominees from the local community and students.

The Constituents of the internal quality assurance cell

Committee Convener Faculty Members Students Members Charge of the Committee When they meet
Academics Dr. K.V.V. Prasad Dr. Balram Naik

Dr. Lekha K.

Dr. Preetha Shetty

Dr. Satyabodh Guttal

Dr. Harshavardhan Kidiyoor

Dr. S.K.Deshpande

Mrs. Sukumari Hongal



Shivangi M

Nikita K

Parzaan Z

Prepare annual calendar

and timetable,

monitor internal



attendance and students,


student counseling

Thrice a year and as and when necessary.
Patient Care Dr. Rajesh Anegundi Dr. Priya Horatti

Dr. Anand Patil

Dr. Kirti Nandimath

Dr. Anirudh Acharya

Dr. Dhirendra Sirur

Mr. Nagakumar Jain

Shazneen D


Nikita K

Oversee patient

services, patient

education, infection

control and sterilization, quality assurance and patient satisfaction, outreach activities

Thrice a year and as and when necessary.
Infrastructure Dr. Krishna Burde Sri Jeevandhar Kumar

Dr. Roseline Meshramkar

Dr. Amit Pachlag

Dr. Abhijit Joshi

Mr. Rudragowda U

Mr.Gurunath Mangalore


Pavan BTanisha K

Maintenance of hospital, residential hostels, dining facility, on-campus facilities + on-campus eating/beverage outlets Thrice a year and as and when necessary.
Sports & Cultural / Student Affairs Dr. Ramesh Nadiger Dr. Sudhindra Kulkarni

Dr. Shodhan M.

Dr. Lijioy Abraham

Dr. Vijay Trasad

Dr. Raghavendra Ainapur

Mr. S.G. Koppad

Mr. V.K.Ambekar

Mr. Suryavanshi

Abhishek Talwar

Vipul Gupta

Student welfare, organizing sporting events and cultural activities, maintenance of school sporting facilities, including the indoor sport complex Thrice a year and as and when necessary.
Learning Resources Dr.Swati Setty Dr. Venkatesh Naikmasur

Dr. Venkatesh Anehosur

Dr. Anand Tavargeri


Vinay Singh Yadav

W. M. Sakunta

Procurement of books and journal, operations of the internet browsing center, preparation of teaching aids Thrice a year and as and when necessary.
Research Dr. Atul P. Sattur Dr. Gouri V. Anehosur

Dr. Shruti Patil

Dr. Niranjan K.C.

Dr. Geeta Hiremath

Dr. Harsha Kidiyoor

Dr. Ramya


Pavan B

Tanisha K

Monitor school research, constitute the IRB, oversee predoctoral research activity and Annual Research Day Thrice a year and as and when necessary.

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