Multi Speciality Center

Multi Speciality Center

The training programme that is presently in vogue in India is more of a piece-meal approach, with separate departments providing individualistic treatments to the patients. Even though they acquire the required knowledge and skill set essential for clinical practice, treatment approach is more departmentalized. Separate treatments are rendered in separate departments and students rarely get to observe the effect of all treatments in improving the overall oral and general health of the patients.

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Treatment issues apart, dental graduates might find it difficult to cope up with other issues like management of patients, appointments and scheduling, collection of payments, etc.
This is in stark contrast to the situation that dental students encounter once they finish their graduate programme and enter clinical practice. Hence, there is a definite need to incorporate a more holistic approach in dental education, an approach that will integrate basic knowledge and skill sets along with management of the patient as a whole. General Dentistry is one such initiative which is being undertaken to bridge the gap between training that students receive in dental institutions and ground realities of private practice.
The current initiative of GENERAL DENTISTRY is being undertaken for the first time in India by SDM.

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Dr. Atul P Sattur, Professor

Head of Department

The department of General Dentistry is headed by Dr. Atul P Sattur. The department of General Dentistry was formed in the year 2007. Since ita��s established, the department of General Dentistry has the credit of having treated and satisfied numerous patients and other achievements. Dr. Atul P Sattur took over the charge as the Head of the department of General Dentistry in March 2014.


  • To provide training to dental graduate students which will enhance their ability to formulate and execute a well-planned, well-sequenced treatment plan that integrates the various disciplines and which will ultimately aid the dental graduate students in becoming competent general dental practitioners.
  • Space
  • Equipment
  • Material
  • Personal
  • Process
  • Cubicles with wash basin, instruments and material storage and with concealed cable connection.
  • Dental units with three way syringe, Micro motor, Aerotor, scalers and provision for light cure.
  • Instruments related to extraction.
  • Instruments related to filling.
  • Instruments related to esthetic restorations
  • Instruments related to replacement.
  • Instruments related to cleaning of teeth.
  • Central sterilization.
  • Materials related to extraction
  • Materials related to fillings
  • Materials related to periodontal therapy
  • Materials related to prosthetics

Patients will be referred to the Department of General Dentistry from:

  • Camps organized by the Department of Community Dentistry
  • Department of Oral Medicine, where patients hailing from far off places who cannot keep multiple appointments.
  • Other department receptionists who can identify patients with multiple treatments.
  • Other departments where patients who are given delayed appointments require immediate care.

Once patients enter the Department of General Dentistry, the basic data of the patient will be entered into a computer by a receptionist and will direct the patient to the operating area. The patient will be allocated to one particular trainee who will evaluate, arrive at a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.
The trainee will then consult a faculty member regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan. After obtaining approval from the faculty member regarding the same, the patient will be provided the appropriate treatment under the supervision of concerned faculty. The patient will thus be provided comprehensive treatment by a single trainee under a single roof.
The details regarding various treatments rendered to the patients will be entered in the computer by the receptionist. Other pertinent details regarding payments, further appointments will also be entered into the computer.
Once the basic oral health problems are addressed in the Department of General Dentistry, the patients will be referred to concerned departments if further specialized care is deemed essential.

The following treatment modalities will be provided to the patients:

  • Examination, diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Conservative treatment.
  • Prosthetic treatment.
  • Routine endodontic therapy.
  • Routine periodontal therapy.
  • Simple exodontia.

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